Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post task

1. Are you aware that famous people have phobias? Check out the "famous people with phobias" page on our wiki. Do you know any other "famous" phobias?

2. These famous people seek for useful advice. What would you advise them?
your advice in the comments in 2nd singular person and the best

advice tips will be posted on the blog.


In the wiki in the same file of phobias there is a page "advice on phobias".

What kind of advice is suggested?

Rewrite the advice in 2nd person singular using:

“You should…”,

“ You ought to…”,

“Why don’t you…”,

"If I were you, I would…”

Write your answers on the wiki page

Task 1

Are you ready now to share your stories? What are you afraid of?
Go to our wiki
Open the file phobias>open my phobias page>write your comments there

Pre-task 2

How many phobias are you aware of ? What kind of phobias exist.. Search in the
and let others know which one found. Be careful.. You have only 5-7 minutes

Pre-task 1

1. Look at the
pictures and guess the feelings of the people.

Welcome students to your first web based lesson